Fitted Wardrobe

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    November 2018

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    Fitted Wardrobes


Made-to-measure, customised to your choice, maximise space in your bedroom. All the more reason to have fitted wardrobes and make a statement. Fitted wardrobes can very easily compliment the layout and the style of your room, and are available in a variety of different colours, ranging from different types of wood to more mirrored finishes, giving your fitted wardrobe and your room a more elegant feel. Kraft will help you pick out the perfect material for you, so all you have to do is let us know how you want it to look.our qualified team gives you best solution and design for your room we organise your room specially your new fitted wardrobe and bed room furniture’s

FB_IMG_1520027704245-Copy-300x225 Fitted Wardrobe
shaker design

FB_IMG_1520027701199-Copy-300x225 Fitted Wardrobe

IMG_20180719_185220-Copy-Copy-300x169 Fitted Wardrobe
white bespoke fitted wardrobe with black sparkle glass

FB_IMG_1520027741686-300x169 Fitted Wardrobe FB_IMG_1520027913452-300x263 Fitted Wardrobe


kraft fitted wardrobe furniture